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This book was written with a specific readership in mind — native and non-native
speakers of English who are planning or training to be Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages. I f others find a use for it we are delighted but it is to
this group that most of the issues raised will be important.
The book tries to cover all important aspects of the pronunciation of English and
goes on to help people to prepare for qualifying examinations in this area which
often require a basic knowledge of articulatory phonetics and the ability to transcribe
accurately into and out of phonemic script.
The organisation of the book is the opposite to most similar works. We have
adopted a "top-down" approach, starting with the broadest issues, then looking at
suprasegmentals — intonation, stress etc, before taking a more atomistic view of
phonemes and the articulatory mechanisms associated with them. I t seems to us that
the broader issues help to justify an interest in the narrower ones and thus, logically,
should be covered first.
Each of the first twelve chapters has a 'Classroom Applications' section which we
include, not only to enrich new teachers' repertoires of classroom techniques but as
a constant reminder that pronunciation work is essentially practical
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Pages: 232
Languages: English
Publisher: Intrinsic Books
Place Of Publication: United Kingdom
Published: 05 Nov 2019
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