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1. You’re new to teaching Less experienced teachers will find this a useful and practical introduction to working with teenage students.

2. You need some ideas More experienced teachers in search of new ideas will find good, practical activities and techniques here.

3. You’re struggling with teens This book does more than provide classroom ideas: it aims to help teachers better understand teenagers, and to empathise with some of the issues that teenagers have in the classroom.

4. You’ve never taught teens before Experienced teachers who are about to work with teenagers for the first time will get a sense of the unique challenge posed by teenage classes.

5. You read on the run Teachers who need something bite-sized that they can dip into between classes will appreciate the format of the book.

6. You’re looking for staff room discussion-starters Senior teachers and heads of department can select units of the book to kick-start staff room conversations, peer collaboration and idea-sharing among colleagues.

7. You want something that works The ideas in the book are designed to be simple, effective and down-to-earth.

8. You haven’t got much time to prepare lessons Most of the practical ideas and activities in this book are straightforward and need little or no preparation.

9. You enjoy teaching This book is written for teachers who love teaching, and who want their lessons to be memorable and enjoyable – both for their students and themselves.

10. You’re curious about other teachers’ experiences with teens The author has spent many years working with teenagers, thinking about the teenage classroom and discussing teaching with colleagues.

The book is a culmination of that process.

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Pages: 154
Languages: English
ISBN: 9781911028420
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing, Intrinsic Books
Place Of Publication: United Kingdom
Published: 30 Aug 2018
About Publisher
  • Pavilion Publishing
    Pavilion was established in 1986 to provide forward thinking training materials for professionals working in the health and social care sectors. Since then we have grown, changed and evolved along the way but one thing has remained the same: our longstanding commitment to raising professional development, breaking down barriers and promoting equality and acceptance across the health, social care, education, and emergency response sectors. After working closely for many years, Pavilion joined OLM Group in 2008. Having shared goals, values, and expertise in software, publications, and events, both companies now work together to provide a wide range of services across the health and social care sector. In 2009, Pavilion was joined by Keyways, publisher of journals in the health and emergency services sector. Most recently, in 2012, GM journal (previously Geriatric Medicine) joined our health portfolio. Now entering our 30th year, we continue to produce industry-leading handbooks, training materials, journals, and events, and to extend our range of services through innovative approaches to the market. OLM is 25Pavilion Publishing and Media is part of OLM Group.
  • Intrinsic Books
    We publish digital books for teachers and learners of English. Digital books that are cross-platform and can be read on a PC or a Mac or on your iPad, tablet or smart phone. Intrinsic books are sold via our sales platform, flexitome.com Each book you buy is added to your online Library at Flexitome. Your Library is instantly accessible every time you log in to your Flexitome account. All Intrinsic digital books come with digital right management (DRM) and sections of books that are photocopiable are provided as downloadable PDFs.