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A to Z Picture Activities for Literacy is a beginning literacy practice book that gives students an enjoyable way to improve phonics and vocabulary skills from A to Z. Whimsical illustrations highlight simple sentences, beginning grammar, and 888 high-frequency words in exercises that appeal to emerging readers of all ages. The labeled drawings on each A to Z scene are similar to those in a picture dictionary that students can use as a daily reference for writing and spelling.

The units begin with facing pages that show words beginning with the letter and explores their meanings. Then it explores the phonics of the letter – the sounds it makes. Next each alphabetic unit presents vocabulary in topic areas (lexical sets) – Animals, the Body, Colors, Days, Eating, Fruit, Groceries, Holidays, Illness, Jobs, the Kitchen, Music, Numbers, Sports, Time, Vegetables, and others.

It is an ideal book for ESL tutors, classroom teachers, or individual self-paced learners. An accompanying audio CD and audio script provides detailed listening and pronunciation practice.

Applications for the Common Core for ELLs (2010) in
A to Z Picture Activities for Literacy

    Instruction that develops foundational skills in English
    Opportunities for classroom discourse and interaction
    Ongoing assessment and feedback

National Literacy Panel (2006) Skills in A to Z Picture Activities for Literacy

    Vocabulary – 888 high frequency words, each illustrated and labeled
    Alphabetical index for quick reference
    Activities with nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs
    Word Study pages – plurals, homonyms, compound words

    Phonics – 22 pages of oral and written activities:
    Short, long and r-controlled vowels
    Consonant blends like pl, st, nd
    Digraphs like sh, ch, th, ph
    Diphthongs like oo, oy, ou, ow, oi
    Alternate letter sounds like soft C and Q

    Reading – for comprehension and discussion
    888 Vocabulary captions
    Sentence reading on every page

    Sentence practice – using illustrated vocabulary
    Basic sentence and question completion — using illustrated words
    Original sentence writing and reading with grammar in context
    Interrogative and negative forms

    Listening and Speaking – Audio CD and script for all vocabulary pronunciation
    Chart with audio of The Sounds of English
    Partner activities for conversation, questioning and discussion
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Languages: English
Publisher: Pro Lingua
Published: 08 May 2017
About Publisher
  • Pro Lingua
    Pro Lingua is a small publishing company located in Brattleboro, Vermont. We dedicate ourselves to producing superior language teaching materials. We sell our books directly to teachers and schools and through all bookstores and major distributors in the United States and overseas. Our full catalogue of materials is also available here in our website bookstore at www.ProLinguaAssociates.com. A bit of philosophy: At Pro Lingua, our objective is to foster an approach to learning and teaching which we call Interplay, the interaction of language learners and teachers with their materials, with the language and the culture, and with each other in active, creative and productive play.