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How and Why Folktales from Around the World is a collection of twelve stories from eleven varied cultures (see the map on page vi). Each of the stories is recorded. To listen, use the audio control bar. There is another control bar next to the Pronounce These Words activity so that you can listen to the pronunciation of the vocabulary.

It is helpful to work with other students, but most of the activities in this book can be done independently. Here are suggestions:

• Key Words. Do you know these words? They are used in the story. If you don’t know them, look them up or try to understand them from the following reading.
• Read. The key words are used in this short reading that introduces the main idea in the story.
• Answer. These questions can be answered by looking again at the first short reading.
• Discuss. Although the questions are intended to be discussed by two or more people, they can also prepare you to think about the events and meaning of the story.
• The Story. Read and/or listen. Consider the illustration. What does it show?
• New Words. If you discovered new words in the story, write them down and look them up.
• Write T for True and F for False. After you have read the story, check your comprehension. The answers are in the story. Then write your score on page 97.
• Write. Finish these sentences. If you can, show your sentences to a friend or teacher to be sure they are good sentences.
• Read, Write, and Look Again. You can fill in the blanks from memory or re-read the story. You can also click on the listening icon and fill in the banks while you listen. You can write on a separate piece of paper, or if it is easier for you to print out the “Read, write, and look again” activities, you may do so.
• Pronounce these words. Click on the icon to hear the words; then try to say them.
• Use these words. Type in the words from this list above to fill in the blanks. You can check your own work, using the answers beginning on page 106 – click on the red page numbers. Or click on the icon. This will check your answers, show you your mistakes, give you the correct answer, and give you a score for that activity. The sentences in this interactive activity sometimes refer back to previous stories, so it is helpful to read them in order. To answer some of them, you will also need to use your skills with inferences and paraphrasing.
• Write a sentence for each word. If you can, check your sentences with a friend.
• Listen to and tell the story. Listen again. Follow along reading if that is helpful. Then tell the story yourself using the prompts given.
• Put on a Play. Write a script for the play. and then read it with some friends.
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Languages: English
ISBN: 9780866474047
Author: Egelberg and Clark
Publisher: Pro Lingua
Place Of Publication: United States
Published: 26 Apr 2017
About Author
  • Egelberg and Clark
    Egelberg and Clark
    Arlene Egelberg has enjoyed a long career teaching in New York City in several schools at various levels and on many skills. She has worked on professional projects for educational publishers, including Pro Lingua writing How and Why Folktales from Around the World, an Integrated Skills Reader with Ray Clark, and Pronunciation Activities, Vowels in Limericks from Adam to Ursula.
About Publisher
  • Pro Lingua
    Pro Lingua is a small publishing company located in Brattleboro, Vermont. We dedicate ourselves to producing superior language teaching materials. We sell our books directly to teachers and schools and through all bookstores and major distributors in the United States and overseas. Our full catalogue of materials is also available here in our website bookstore at www.ProLinguaAssociates.com. A bit of philosophy: At Pro Lingua, our objective is to foster an approach to learning and teaching which we call Interplay, the interaction of language learners and teachers with their materials, with the language and the culture, and with each other in active, creative and productive play.